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CorreHealth specialise in providing innovative solutions and consulting to healthcare organisations challenged with continually delivering improved patient care. Comprising of senior professionals and industry consultants, CorreHealth are in a unique position to assist organisations of all sizes by providing our expertise in healthcare projects.

CorreHealth offers tailored, secure and cost-effective solutions to your innovation needs, constructed to advance the industry, whilst providing impressive return on investment. A specialised consultancy, CorreHealth are also developing a first-class Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system designed to give our clients greater control and benefits of moving to a fully digitised environment.

As part of the Procorre group, CorreHealth has access to an expert talent pool with significant experience in supporting small to large-sized organisations, particularly within medical sectors.


At CorreHealth, we understand the business pressures of running a healthcare organisation. Through our experts, who have held operations and delivery responsibilities in the NHS, we understand what is required to deliver positive change with a finite amount of resources and budget. CorreHealth work with you to empower your organisation, providing the best service for your patients.

We understand that every organisation has individual requirements, and this is why we provide a free consultation to discuss your specifications and determine how we can help.

As we progress into the next chapter of healthcare advancement, CorreHealth will work with you to deliver the best outcome for your organisation.

“We introduce innovative solutions to provide the best service for your patientsempowering your organisation along the way.”

Anne O’Donnell – CEO


We provide world-leading innovative advice across a multitude of streams including delivery, procurement, advice, transformation, data, finance and cyber. With the backing of a global management consultancy and access to over 1000 expert consultants, we can also assist with all manner of resourcing for your projects and ensure first-class delivery. Our comprehensive catalogue of services is highlighted below and solutions can be tailored towards your projects’ particular requirements and goals.

We have partnered with a multitude of cyber-security providers who can implement the most effective cybersecurity measures for our clients. Medical data is continuously under siege from cybercriminals, and we want to help you keep yours safe. We have access to an expert team in Cyber Security with 25 years’ experience in supporting global multinational companies – your business can have the same level of service at a fraction of the cost, some of the cyber services that we offer are outlined below:

Cyber Awareness Platform: Our partner software educates its users about the cyber risks that they may face in their work and home environment, by increasing their awareness on how to avoid and combat these risks.

On-Demand Pen-Testing: Our partners have replaced all that overhead with an easy-to-use online interface that puts you or your client back in the driving seat allowing you to schedule tests as and when you need them.

Automated Pen-Testing: Our partners’ automated penetration-testing platform mimics the hackers attack, which automates the discovery of vulnerabilities and performing ethical exploits while ensuring an undisrupted network operation.

Cyber Interference Risk Score: Using cyber interference within business processes to steal critical information is now the largest criminal enterprise globally. Our partners’ service can provide you with a risk assessment and give you a score which represents the risks your business face which will allow you to resolve these risks before it’s too late.

Our team have several years of experience in change management and can provide our clients with a number of effective strategies.

We have a first-class EPR system currently in development, we also have a proven implementation methodology devised to undertake this journey effectively. Our system is designed to give medical organisations greater control over their patient’s data.

We assist with digital transformation to ensure that you can adopt digital processes and become more efficient, ultimately helping you to achieve your goals. We can also introduce you to digital automation to streamline your business processes.

Our innovative cloud solutions have helped our healthcare clients become more cost-effective and allowed them to succeed in a digitally transformed world.

Our access to over 1000 consultants ensures that we can deliver the absolute best experts for your healthcare projects.

CorreHealth is a member of the G-Cloud 11 Framework, and we can assist with the implementation of countless digital systems to help your business to adapt and grow to demands. With access to our vast talent pool, we can ensure the development of your new workforce and digital infrastructure.

Our previous experience demonstrates our proficiency in the medical device sector. We have a long line of previous clients who we have helped to get their medical devices fully compliant, secure and to market.

We can help you to devise the best strategy to help successfully deliver your product into tough to break markets.

We can help you become ISO27001 verified, allowing you to protect your information so it remains safe and secure. In a post-GDPR world, medical data has never been so important and vulnerable, we can help you to comply with changing information security standards.

Our experts can help you design successful procurement strategies to meet your needs and objectives. 

Our expert team can help with your organisations’ data management, which will help to ensure the integrity and usability of your data.




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